Why Knowing Your Native American Heritage Doesn’t Equate to Belonging

Metis Sash and Violin

## Why Remembering Your Native American Bloodlines Doesn’t Mean That You Belong There

### Summary

In light of the recent revelations about residential schools and the Truth and Reconciliation efforts in Canada, it is crucial to approach Native American heritage with respect and care. Simply having Native American bloodlines does not give you the right to claim that culture as your own. True understanding and connection can only come from living, experiencing, and immersing oneself in the culture. This article explores the author’s personal journey to connect with their Metis heritage and the importance of approaching it with humility and reverence. While remembering and honoring one’s Native American bloodlines is essential, it does not automatically grant membership or entitlement to that community. The author emphasizes the need for genuine understanding and invitation before claiming a status card or asserting belonging.

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