Tyranny Reemerges: The Comeback of an Oppressive Era

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# The Return of Tyranny

## Summary

In this article, we will discuss the alarming return of tyranny in Afghanistan as the Taliban regains power. Once a country thriving under the protection of the United States, Afghanistan is now plagued by terrorism and the suppression of basic human rights. We will explore the swift takeover by the Taliban, their origins, and their oppressive rule. Additionally, we will analyze the role of the United States in this situation and the consequences of their actions. We will also shed light on the dangers faced by Afghan civilians, particularly judges and women, as they attempt to escape the clutches of tyranny. Finally, we will discuss the hope that still exists for Afghanistan and the potential for its citizens to resist and fight back against this oppressive regime.

## The Rise of the Taliban

The Taliban, once resistance fighters against Soviet forces in the 1980s, have now become the oppressors of Afghanistan. Their main objective is to establish Islamic law, which includes suppressing women’s rights and denying them education and employment opportunities. Following the 9/11 attacks, the United States invaded Afghanistan to dismantle the Taliban and their support of Al Qaeda. However, in a surprising turn of events, former President Donald Trump struck a deal with the Taliban, agreeing to withdraw troops and release imprisoned members in exchange for a cessation of terrorist activities. This deal has proven to be detrimental, as the Taliban has now seized power and unleashed terror on the Afghan people.

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## The United States’ Role and Controversy

The United States finds itself in a precarious position, facing criticism for its involvement in Afghanistan. The New York Post’s opinion piece argues that the United States armed the Taliban, providing them with weapons and equipment that are now being used against the Afghan people. While the military claims most of these weapons have been disabled, the Taliban has managed to utilize them effectively. It is unfair to solely blame America for this turn of events, as the responsibility falls on the Afghan president who abandoned his own people. The United States must now navigate this complex situation and hope for the eradication of terrorism on their soil and elsewhere.

## The Plight of Afghan Civilians

Amidst the chaos, Afghan civilians face immense danger and uncertainty. Former judges, who played a crucial role in sentencing Taliban members, are now hunted by the same organization they once incarcerated. Fearing revenge attacks, these judges have resorted to disguises and going into hiding. Their lives, as well as the lives of their families, are at stake. Other civilians, particularly women, are also at risk as the Taliban’s oppressive rule takes hold. The Afghan ambassador to the United States blames President Joe Biden for the invasion, but perhaps she should also reflect on the actions of her own president, who abandoned his people to the Taliban.

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## International Response and Hope for Change

The international community, including the United States, is skeptical of the Taliban’s newly formed government. The hope is that there will be no further acts of terrorism, but trust in the Taliban is limited. However, there may still be a glimmer of hope for Afghanistan. The Taliban has shown a slight change in their stance towards women’s education, allowing them to continue their studies in gender-segregated environments. This small step forward could potentially open the doors for Afghan women to resist and fight against tyranny. Nonetheless, protests are met with violence and red tape, making the fight for freedom even more challenging.

## Final Thoughts

The return of tyranny in Afghanistan is a grave concern for the international community. The rapid takeover by the Taliban and their oppressive rule threaten to erase all progress made in the country over the past two decades. It is essential that nations come together to support Afghan civilians in their fight against this oppressive regime. Education, empowerment, and solidarity are key in challenging tyranny and restoring freedom to Afghanistan. It is our hope that, despite the grim circumstances, the people of Afghanistan will find the strength and resilience to resist and reclaim their country.

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