Top Three Reasons You Should Check out the Webtoon “I Love Yoo”

3 Reasons To Read The Webtoon "I Love Yoo"

3 Reasons To Read The Webtoon “I Love Yoo”

When we read I Love Yoo, we were captivated by the story’s exploration of human connection and trauma. The webtoon offers a unique perspective on the different types of love and how they can be perceived differently. In this article, we will give three reasons why you should read I Love Yoo.

1. The Webtoon Shows The Happiest Person Sometimes Wears The Best Mask

The two main characters are emotionally distant and display masks for different reasons. Shin-ae, the main character, has a mask of exterior toughness to avoid getting close to anyone since she fears abandonment and betrayal. Yeong-gi has a happy, friendly, and goofy exterior that portrays a fake outlook to conceal his pain.

The webtoon shows how sometimes the happy person is the one with the most pain, which is something that is hard for others to remember. Yeong-gi was the one who encouraged Shin-ae to open up, underlining the fact that the happy person can have the toughest mask to pull off from bearing the most pain.

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2. The Webtoon Shows How Men Suffer More From Trauma Because Of Gender Expectations

Yeong-gi’s experience with emotions reflects the man’s experience of hiding their problems and emotions to prove they are tough and strong like men are “supposed” to be. Women tend to put more effort into self-growth since they don’t hold on to the gender expectations of masculinity like men.

It is essential to note that the severity of problems is intersectional, so while men and women suffer from various issues, many factors like the context of their trauma, sexuality, race, class, and more determine how severe their issues are, and how they might approach and react to them.

3. The Webtoon Shows How The Trauma From A Family Divorce, Affair, And Distance Can Create Fractured Identities

The story revolved around the traumatic experiences of the main characters. Shin-ae’s abandonment issues stemmed from her parents’ divorce when she was little while Yeong-gi’s trauma stemmed from his mother’s death and her involvement in an affair.

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Kousuke, Yeong-gi’s half-brother, had a routine life set by his mother, but he didn’t get enough attention from his father. He dedicates his

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