Top 5 Winter Gloves for British Golf Players in 2021

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# The 5 Best Winter Gloves For UK Golfers In 2021

As winter sets in, it can be challenging for golfers to keep themselves warm and maintain their concentration on the course. The cold weather can lead to muscle stiffness, lack of concentration, and decreased grip precision, making it difficult to play the game. To help golfers combat the winter chill, we’ve put together a list of the five best winter gloves for UK golfers in 2021.

## 1. FootJoy WinterSof Golf Gloves

The FootJoy WinterSof Golf Gloves are designed to provide grip precision and friction with your club. These gloves feature leather material that is tight and compressive around the hand, offering insulation while remaining flexible. The additional Fleece layer for your wrist adds an extra layer of warmth. At £17.99, these gloves are a perfect way to ensure you have the minimum coverage out on the course this winter.

## 2. Slazenger V300 All Weather Golf Gloves

If you’re looking for an accessible item, the Slazenger V300 All Weather Golf Gloves are an excellent choice. These winter gloves for golf are lightweight, with holes and permeations for breathability. They may not provide as much weather protection against winter, but they are an affordable option at only £4.99 for pickup and £6.99 for delivery.

## 3. Merino Wool Glove Liner/Base Layer

Merino wool glove liners make an excellent base layer underneath your current golf gloves. These liners combine precision engineering for golf with insulated design for temperature. Mountain Warehouse offers a Merino liner for £12.99 as part of their winter glove sale. Try to get down to a store in-person to see the thickness and fit yourself.

## 4. Under Armour CGI Golf Gloves

The Under Armour CGI Golf Gloves use specifically engineered insulating technology to trap heat. Compression gloves like these help keep muscles and bones healthy throughout weather changes and use in sports, making them perfect for winter. Multiple outlets provide Under Armour options, which are popular, tight, and aesthetic. They cost around £25.99 depending on the outlet.

## 5. KYMRIA Golf Infrared Gloves

KYMIRA Golf Infrared Gloves are the paramount item on our list. These gloves feature infrared technology that captures energy your body would usually waste and returns it as heat when the temperature is cold. Benefits include better muscle recovery, temperature regulation, and nitric oxide regulation. These gloves may be pricey at £35.00, but they are all you will ever need, both during winter and all year round.

## Don’t underestimate winter golf gloves

Winter golf gloves are a necessity to maintain your grip precision and keep your hands warm during the colder months. In the case of KYMIRA medical and Under Armour gloves, they even increase thermoregulation inherently. Whether you’re training or going out on a mountain tour, keep yourself safe and on par with some winter golf gloves. Have a fantastic winter, and wish your golfer friends a merry Christmas from us.

### Conclusion

The colder weather doesn’t mean you have to give up your love for golf. With the right winter gloves, you can play golf throughout the winter season comfortably. Each of the gloves on our top 5 list offers unique features and benefits, so you can choose the best option that suits your needs.

### FAQS

1. Are winter golf gloves necessary?
– Yes, they are necessary to maintain your grip precision and keep your hands warm during the colder months.

2. What are the benefits of winter golf gloves?
– Winter golf gloves provide insulation, grip precision, and friction with your club to ensure proper handling and perform optimally on the course.

3. What is the price range of winter golf gloves?
– The price range of winter golf gloves varies widely, from affordable options like the Slazenger V300 All Weather Golf Gloves, which only cost £4.99 for pickup, to high-end gloves like KYMRIA Golf Infrared Gloves, which cost £35.00.

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