The Ultimate Guide to Why PlayStation 3 is Undoubtedly the Best Gaming Console

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Why The PlayStation 3 Is The Best Console

Video gaming has come a long way in recent years, with new consoles being released every few years. However, the PlayStation 3 (PS3) still has merit over the PS4, Xbox One and even the PS5. In terms of game generation, and accessibility features, it’s still a contender.

First Generation PlayStation

In earlier generations, 8-bit cartridge gaming was popular until the Sony PlayStation arrived. The compact disc home gaming console was introduced, aimed at a more casual audience who wanted to use their home television sets rather than PCs. While rough around the edges now, looking back it was the first look at open-world gaming, or at least 3D surroundings: a break away from the side-scrolling platformers we were used to from previous generations.

Second Generation PlayStation

The first PlayStation era was universally acclaimed and a major commercial success for Sony. So much so that a few years later, they released the PlayStation 2. Graphically, there were many improvements here, with the ability to play CDs and DVDs as well. The game entries had higher graphics capabilities and higher capacity memory cards became available. At this point, Microsoft released the Xbox, and Sony had a real contender on their hands.

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Third Generation PlayStation

In 2007, Sony released the PlayStation 3. It utilized more impressive hardware and unique architecture, boasting Sony’s patented Blu-ray system which was the engine that new games ran on, providing much more impressive visuals and textures. While still boasting the same controller shape and layout as its previous two generations, now there was the option of wireless play, making for much more comfortable sitting options.

Instead of a bland screen awaiting disc insertion, now there was a dedicated user interface, customisable with a simple side scroll layout, including other options like Netflix or USB media playback. This became the first diverse home entertainment system. The PlayStation 3 also introduced the concept of a ‘trophy’ system or ‘achievements’ for Xbox. Initially, the first launch editions had 60Gb equivalent to 4k and played PS2 games as well with backward compatibility.

Seventh Generation Console War

The PS3 was the ‘seventh’ generation of consoles, the other major contender being Microsoft’s successor to the Xbox, the Xbox 360. While the 360 was a significant improvement over its predecessor, it lacked Blu-ray capabilities, had worse graphics, and required monthly or yearly payments for online play. The PlayStation 3, on the other hand, was completely free.

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Eighth Generation Console Comparison

The successor to the PS3, the PS4, while another leap forward graphically, was nowhere near the leap made from PS2 to PS3. The PS4 had the same memory at launch as the latter PS3 models: 500Gb, only now games are significantly larger. However, both consoles boast Blu-ray capabilities, but the eighth-generation games library largely comprises remasters from the PS3 era anyway.

Now, we are in the era of the PS5, which has the Unreal Engine 5, but a game hasn’t yet been released in the whole of its debut year that fully utilizes the hardware capabilities. Also, there’s the added problem of stock shortages and scalpers that have made it almost impossible for the majority of gamers to get their hands on one at a reasonable price. Sales shortages have meant that not all gamers are on the new generation of consoles and still play their PlayStation 4’s and Xbox Ones.


The PS3 still has its merits over its newer generations, particularly in terms of its accessible features, unique architecture, backward compatibility, and free online play. It was the first diverse home entertainment system, complete with a dedicated user interface and trophy system. While newer consoles are impressive, the PS3 is still a contender when considering its specifications and capabilities.

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Does the PS3 have superior features to the PS4?

While the PS4 is a great console, the PS3 still has unique features such as backward compatibility, free online play, access to the complete God of War library, and a configurable user interface, which make it a good contender still.

Is the PS3 still relevant in today’s gaming world?

Yes, it still has merit, particularly for those who want backward compatibility and a diverse home entertainment system with unique architecture and trophy system.

Final Thought

The PS3 marked a significant leap in gaming, with impressive hardware and unique architecture, making it a great and diverse home entertainment system. While newer consoles are impressive, the PS3 is still a contender in terms of its accessible features, backward compatibility, and free online play capability.

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