The Significance of Authentic Friendship in Contemporary Society

What is an example of true friendship

What Is The Meaning Of True Friendship In Today’s Reality

“What is a friend? A single soul dwelling in two bodies.” – Aristotle

Friends are just as important as family. Our parents and siblings make the first and most important family, while friends are considered the second one, due to the role they have in our life and wellbeing. With friends, we grow together, share an important part of our life, our successes and failure, our joys and sorrows, we learn and enjoy life by living with friends.

According to Japanese customs, family is considered the bond between people with similar commitments and who very likely will have the same destiny. A very short definition of friendship is “a relationship of mutual affection between two people.”

It may look very simple, but if we go deeper we will understand the true meaning of it. It is more complicated, for the very reason that friends are a rare treasure never to lose. People become friends with one another for different reasons, however, time only reveals the true face of friendship. We all have our perfect friend who shares all the qualities and values that make good friend. Together with our friends, we may share common goals and interests, growing together, learning together, challenging ourselves to grow stronger and wiser. With friends, we succeed and fail, err and learn, gain experiences and fulfill our destiny. Our differences in character complete the relationships between friends from what lacks in the character on another. Making more friends will ensure our needs are satisfied.

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We all have our flaws, and no one will do everything for us. Nobody is perfect, but we must learn to accept one another for our qualities first, without closing our eyes on our flaws, because they are the ones that make us more real.

Characteristics of True Friendship

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A true friend doesn’t judge you but accepts you for who you truly are, for your qualities and flaws, whatever your past is, and hopes for you a better future. Lying doesn’t serve to make true friends, nor having to pretend to yourself to gain people’s approval. It is important to make friends, but keeping them is more important. A new friend must not replace someone who has been your friend for a lifetime.

As per the study conducted by Psychologytoday, there are seven traits of true friendship. Honesty is the first important aspect of true friendship. Creating a negative atmosphere and being dishonest will only make your friends walk away from you. Without it, people cannot rely on each other. If you notice them lying to others, then they will lie to you. Lies hide a lot of negative and evil things. A true friend accepts his mistakes and doesn’t hurt you, if he does, he will leave his pride behind and ask your forgiveness and will forgive you in turn.

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As per the research conducted by ScienceDaily, friendship has proven to reduce stress. If he is a real friend, then he will be there in times of distress. Only such situations enable us to know the true face of our friends. It is the same if you have a new goal in life, he won’t be jealous at all but will show his support.

You don’t have to agree on everything, but correct yourself in a supportive way to make the right choices in life. He will always be there for you if you need someone to talk to, while fake friends will definitely ignore you or even humiliate you. A real friend is loyal whenever you need him, going through physical illnesses and mental health issues, any life disappointments. As per the research conducted by ScienceDaily friendship has proven to overcome adversity. They will never leave you. Showing their care will make you understand the difference between acquaintances, fake friends, and real friends. They will dedicate a part of their time to helping you get through hardships.

A true friend is selfless, kind, and sacrifices for you. A real friend doesn’t make jokes on account of your dignity. Human dignity is sacred to me. We don’t have to endure humiliation to make friends, such friends are better out of a person’s life. Humbleness is a trait of true character. It is better to have such friends who are willing to acknowledge their flaws and appreciate you despite your different opinions. Humility is a sign of someone willing to grow and be a better person.

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People sometimes feel they lack the skill to accomplish their dreams and goals. Maybe you feel embarrassed to approach someone you like, or you wanted to fulfill your dreams but you don’t trust yourself to pursue those. Nevertheless, friends can be the root cause of taking the chances you always wanted by encouraging you to accomplish things you thought you never could and be a better person in your life.

Last but not the least, a real friend helps you stay positive and find hope in every dark situation, focus on the good, and see the beauty in everything life has to offer. This doesn’t mean being sad is not a real person with you. Positivity and empathy have their reasons to exist.

Whereas a real friendship constitutes not abandoning someone but helping them get out of their funk. But you cannot help someone who refuses to get help or doesn’t make the least endeavor to get out of his misery.

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