The Potentially Life-Threatening Incident Involving Art Van

completely destroyed from the semi-truck

# Art Van Almost Killed Us

## Summary

In this article, we recount a horrifying car accident that occurred, reminding us of the fragility of life and the importance of embracing every moment. The story revolves around a tragic event where the author and their father were involved in a near-fatal car crash. The article highlights the details of the accident, the injuries sustained, the subsequent hospitalization, and the challenging aftermath. This incident serves as a reminder to cherish each precious moment and appreciate the gift of life.

## Introduction
After a horrible car accident, I realized the fragility of life and embracing every moment.***TRIGGER WARNING: This story involves details of a car accident and bodily harm/injuries. If these two ideas make you uncomfortable in any way, please do whatever you need to avoid encountering those negative emotions.*** 

## The Horrific Car Accident

### Wednesday, February 7th, 2018
The school bell rang, signaling the end of the day. As a high school senior, I was led to believe that these were the best years of our lives. However, I couldn’t disagree more. On that particular day, I stayed after school to support my boyfriend’s little sister, who was playing a basketball game against our school. Although I was never a fan of sports, I always found joy in witnessing my loved ones pursue their passions. After the thrilling victory, I showered her with celebratory hugs and words of affirmation. As the game ended, I knew it was time to head home. It was a freezing February evening, and the snowy landscape of Michigan intensified the cold. Since I didn’t possess a driver’s license yet, I relied on my father to pick me up. I entered our family’s new car, settled in the passenger seat, and waited for the journey home to commence.

## The Hospital Experience

### Fading In and Out of Consciousness
Moments after embarking on our usual route home, everything went dark. I seemed to be trapped in a dream-like state, with snippets of hazy memories at the hospital and being examined by doctors. Gradually, I regained partial awareness and woke up in a hospital bed. Pain radiated from my ribs, and my body felt tender. In the mirror, I noticed a black eye and bruises adorning my wounded physique. Attached to my arm was an intravenous (IV) drip, dispatching healing fluids into my veins. Supportively present in the room were two of my aunts, offering their comforting presence. Overwhelmed by the situation, I succumbed to sleep in an attempt to comprehend the events.

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### Visitors and Homecoming
Throughout the day, friends and family members dropped by, bearing stuffed animals as “Get Well Soon” gifts. However, one face was conspicuously absent – my dad’s. Later that day, I was gently wheeled in a wheelchair to my mom’s car for the journey home. The Accident. To my surprise, I had no recollection of the accident itself. It took days for people to fill in the gaps and recount the events that transpired. As we approached a stoplight on our way home, the yellow signal cast its glow. In those critical moments, drivers face a split-second decision – to brake abruptly or to accelerate and make it through the intersection before the light turns red. On this fateful day, my dad chose the latter. Unfortunately, an Art Van semi-truck driver held the same belief, eagerly waiting to turn left at the intersection. And then it happened – a devastating collision ensued between our small car and the massive truck.

### Impact and Injuries
The sheer force of the impact caused my seatbelt to constrict, fracturing a few ribs in an attempt to shield me from crashing into the dashboard. The car’s airbags promptly deployed, inflicting a terrible black eye and rendering me unconscious. Given that the truck struck the driver’s side, my dad bore the brunt of the injuries. His left femur, known for its resilience, snapped from the impact. His knee suffered damage, and his body was covered in bruises. Soon after the accident, he underwent surgery, where medical professionals inserted a stainless-steel rod and screws to mend his fractured femur. Next came a five-week stint at a rehabilitation center, relearning how to walk with his left leg.

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## The Challenging Aftermath

### Mental and Physical Struggles
The weeks that followed the accident were marked by both mental and physical challenges for our entire family. My mom, burdened with hospital bills, diligently visited my dad every day while juggling her job and the responsibility of taking me to and from school. Moreover, the loss of our car added another layer of difficulty to our already complex lives. However, amidst this season of hardship, we were profoundly grateful to have an incredible support system of friends and relatives. Our plight did not go unnoticed, as my mom’s friends brought us meals, recognizing our culinary limitations. My aunt’s thoughtful gesture of providing a stash of mini chicken pot pies sustained me during those trying times. Even distant family members sent heartfelt cards, expressing their well wishes and prayers. This tragic accident served as a stark reminder of how abruptly life can change. In an instant, our world was turned upside down, and my dad and I nearly lost our lives. We consider ourselves blessed to have received help, support, and love from medical professionals, strangers, family, and friends. This harrowing experience instilled in us a renewed appreciation for the value of our existence. No longer do we take life for granted; instead, we wake up each morning with gratitude for another day of life, embracing each moment with utmost vitality.

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## Conclusion

The car accident that almost claimed our lives left an indelible mark on our souls. We emerged from this traumatic experience with a newfound gratitude and an unwavering determination to live life to the fullest. It serves as a poignant reminder that our time on this earth is fleeting, and every breath should be treasured. Let our story inspire you to seize the day, cherish your loved ones, and approach life with a sincere appreciation for its fragility and beauty.


**Q: How did the accident happen?**\
A: The accident occurred when an Art Van semi-truck collided with the author and their father’s car at an intersection. The truck driver and the author’s father both believed they could make it through a yellow light.

**Q: What were the injuries sustained?**\
A: The author’s ribs were fractured due to the seatbelt tightening upon impact, and they also suffered a black eye from the deployed airbags. The father endured a broken left femur, knee damage, and multiple bruises.

**Q: How did the family cope with the aftermath of the accident?**\
A: The family faced mental and physical challenges in the aftermath of the accident. Friends and relatives provided support by offering meals, sending well wishes, and comforting visits.

## Final Thought

Life can drastically change in a moment’s notice. The harrowing experience of the car accident serves as a sobering reminder of the fragility of our existence. Let us all approach life with gratitude and an unwavering zeal, for we never know when our journey may take an unexpected turn. Embrace every moment, cherish your loved ones, and make each day count.

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