Suppressing Your Emotions Leads to Overwhelm; Embracing Your Emotions Leads to Personal Growth

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Repress Your Feelings and You Will Be Consumed; Embrace Your Feelings and You Will Be Transformed

In this article, we will explore the concept of embracing our inner feelings instead of repressing them. Repressing our feelings can lead to negative consequences, while embracing them can lead to personal transformation. We will delve into the idea of allowing our “inner lion” to consume us, the significance of Jesus’ encounter with wild beasts in the wilderness, and the meaning behind the phrase “the meek shall inherit the Earth.” Additionally, we will discuss the problem of evil and its resolution. By understanding the power of embracing our emotions, we can pave the way for personal growth and achieve a sense of fulfillment.

What Happens When You Put on the Ring of Power?

Placing external means, such as the Ring of Power, as a solution to our inner emptiness comes at a cost. This is exemplified through Bilbo’s sentiment in feeling stretched and depleted. The more we rely on external methods, the thinner our lives become, and we risk being consumed by our inner beast. Jesus conveyed a similar message in The Gospel of Thomas, warning that when consumed by our inner lion, we turn into beasts ourselves. This transformation can be seen in the lives of the Ringwraiths in The Lord of the Rings, who became living ghosts as a result of their consumption by evil forces.

What Does It Mean That Jesus Was with Wild Beasts in the Wilderness?

When Jesus was led by the Spirit into the wilderness, he encountered wild beasts. However, instead of fighting or fleeing from them, he chose to be with them. By allowing these beasts into his experience, he integrated and digested them, ultimately transforming them. This act of embracing our inner struggles can lead to personal growth and evolution. Jesus demonstrated that embracing our inner lion, the dark emotion that lacerates our souls, is crucial. Resisting these emotions only gives them more power over us, while acceptance allows for integration and transmutation. By consuming our own inner lion, we can become whole and transformed.

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How Can I Stop Resisting?

Resistance towards our inner struggles only amplifies their hold on us. The act of making peace with these emotions and accepting them as an integral part of ourselves is essential for transformation. By ceasing resistance and embracing our lion-like emotions, we allow them to become angels that free us from the burdens of the Earth. Just as Jesus proclaimed, “Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the Earth,” we must let go of our attachments and embrace our imperfections. It is through non-resistance that we can tame the lion within and experience liberation.

What Does It Mean That the Meek Shall Inherit the Earth?

The meek are those who willingly release their attachment to the Earth, allowing it to be a gift that is returned to them. By acknowledging and integrating their inner lion, they are freed from the shackles that bind them. Letting go of what keeps us grounded enables us to inherit the Earth. Embracing our imperfections allows our inner lion to become an angel, ministering to us and freeing us from the burdens of the physical world.

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Why Is Mortality the Gift of Men?

In J.R.R. Tolkien’s Silmarillion, the coming of Men is depicted as a solution to the discord introduced by Melkor. Men are bestowed with the strange gifts of mortality and imperfection. These gifts play a significant role in resolving the problem of evil. The Notes of Melkor are woven into the Third Theme, resulting in the triumph of beauty amidst imperfection. The ability to let go, remain powerless, and embrace imperfection is a powerful Christological overtone. By releasing our attachments to the Earth, we transcend its limitations and experience a form of salvation.

What Is the Solution to the Problem of Evil?

The problem of evil cannot be overcome through force or resistance. Rather, it can be transformed by being “taken and woven” into the broader tapestry of the Celestial Music. The darkest notes of evil contribute to the overall beauty and divine harmony. By allowing the evil within to be integrated and transmuted, we create space for personal growth. Just as leaves turn vibrant colors in the fall before departing from the tree, embracing our imperfections leads to renewal and the shedding of earthly burdens. The beauty of letting go lies in the triumph of the sorrowful overtones that ultimately magnify the divine harmony of existence.

In conclusion, repressing our feelings can have detrimental effects on our well-being. By embracing our inner emotions, we open the door to personal transformation. Jesus’ encounter with wild beasts in the wilderness exemplifies the importance of accepting and integrating our inner struggles. The concept of the meek inheriting the Earth signifies the power of letting go and embracing imperfection. Mortality, as a gift to men, plays a crucial role in resolving the problem of evil. By allowing evil to be woven into the fabric of existence, we contribute to the overall beauty and divine harmony of the world. Embracing our feelings and allowing them to consume us leads to personal growth and fulfillment. Let us strive to release our inner lion and experience the transformative power of embracing our emotions.

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Q: How can I embrace my feelings?

A: Embracing your feelings involves accepting and allowing them to exist without resistance. It is about acknowledging their presence and understanding that they are a part of your experiences and growth.

Q: Can repressing my emotions have negative consequences?

A: Yes, repressing your emotions can lead to emotional and mental distress. It can cause the emotions to intensify and manifest in other unhealthy ways, leading to a decrease in overall well-being.

Final Thought:

Embracing our feelings is a transformative practice that allows for personal growth and liberation. By integrating our inner struggles and accepting our imperfections, we can truly transcend the limitations of the physical world. Rather than being consumed by our inner lion, we can become the lion ourselves, embracing the power and wisdom that comes with it. Let us strive to repress our feelings and find the path to personal transformation.

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