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# Mass Effect: Legendary Edition Original Comparison Review

## Summary
In this comprehensive review, we will analyze the improvements made in the Mass Effect trilogy remaster, known as Mass Effect: Legendary Edition. As avid fans of the original series, we have eagerly awaited this remaster and have taken the time to thoroughly explore and assess the enhancements brought to Commander Shepard’s iconic story. From improved graphics and gameplay performance to the inclusion of downloadable content and next-gen compatibility, we dive deep into what this legendary edition has to offer.

## Mass Effect 1 Remastered Review

### Graphics and Gameplay Improvements
The original Mass Effect game, released in 2007, suffered from flaws in graphics and sluggish gameplay. While it was visually appealing for its time, the game’s graphics now appear outdated and unimpressive. NPC characters’ blocky eyelashes and hairlines, along with poorly defined surroundings, create a disjointed visual experience. The textures blend together, and the background environments lack vibrancy. Additionally, gameplay elements, such as slow running speed, long elevator rides, and challenging vehicle controls, hindered the overall experience.

### The Changes in the Legendary Edition
Fortunately, the Mass Effect: Legendary Edition addresses many of these issues. While not perfect, the remaster significantly improves textures, particularly on characters’ faces and clothes. Hair on NPC characters appears more defined, and the color palette is sharper. The gameplay has been streamlined, allowing for faster movement and reduced loading times. The Mako tank, once a source of frustration, now offers improved controls and a scope for more precise shooting. Moreover, the squad power menu is more user-friendly, enhancing combat engagement. Despite still needing some adjustments to blend characters with their surroundings, the Legendary Edition brings brightness and speed to the game, realizing its full potential.

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### The Timeless Appeal of Mass Effect 1
Even with its graphical flaws, why do players continue to revisit Mass Effect 1? The answer is simple. This game introduced players to a captivating space exploration experience set in a near future where humans are seen as newcomers among elder alien races. The intricate relationships and intricate political landscape add depth to the story as players navigate through the complexities of the galaxy. With the ability to make choices that impact relationships and outcomes, each playthrough becomes a personal journey with weighty decisions.

## Mass Effect 2 Remastered Review

### A Deeper Dive into Character Relationships and Lore
For many, Mass Effect 2 was the entry that captured their hearts. Taking place two years after the events of the first game, Shepard embarks on a mission to save human colonies, forming an uneasy alliance and recruiting a new crew. This game delves deeper into each race’s homeworld, allowing players to gain a better understanding of their motives and frictions with other races. The loyalty missions require players to invest emotionally in the characters, fostering a sense of attachment and driving the narrative forward.

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### The Power of Unity in Mass Effect 2
Mass Effect 2 excels in storytelling by evoking genuine care for the characters and their ultimate survival. The exceptional writing and character development make players genuinely invested in the outcome. As Shepard assembles a diverse team of individuals from different races and backgrounds, the underlying message is clear: unity triumphs over division. By putting aside differences, this unique crew showcases the power of collaboration and solidarity. Each character brings something unique to the table, emphasizing the value of diversity and collective effort.

### Legendary Edition Performance
In terms of performance, Mass Effect 2 in the Legendary Edition appears largely unchanged from its original release. While we played it on an original PS4 with an HD TV, we cannot speak for the improvements offered by 4K capabilities. However, it is important to note that the Legendary Edition preserves the essence of Mass Effect 2, allowing fans to relive the captivating narrative and emotional depth that made it a beloved entry in the series.

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## Final Thoughts

The Mass Effect: Legendary Edition not only revives one of the most remarkable sci-fi sagas but also revitalizes Bioware’s reputation. The remastered trilogy showcases the studio’s storytelling genius, appealing to a new generation of players while reigniting the passion of loyal fans. Through substantial visual enhancements, streamlined gameplay, and improved performance, the Legendary Edition provides an unparalleled experience.


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Final Thought:

The Mass Effect: Legendary Edition is a testament to the power of storytelling in gaming. With its visual improvements and enhanced gameplay, it offers both nostalgic value and a fresh, immersive experience. Whether you are a new player or a returning fan, this remastered trilogy is a must-play for any lover of epic sci-fi adventures.

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