Offshoring: A Guide to Unlocking the Power of Writing

How does writing evolve for a writer

Writing As Offshoring

Summary: Writing is an art that involves expressing human consciousness through words. It is a solitary act that aims to enrich the lives of readers and the writer themselves. Over time, writing becomes automated, allowing the writer to focus on deeper structures of the mind and intuitive self-expression. Offshoring the basics of writing allows for greater creativity and the exploration of new ideas.

The Art of Writing and Human Consciousness

Writing is often associated with clarity and the reduction of passive sentences. It is an expression of human consciousness, which remains unknown to others in its true subjectivity. While consciousness can be observed and measured through various means, the essence of personal experience and understanding is a barrier between individuals.

When a writer puts their work into words, they pose a question, even without a question mark. The reader then turns those words into meaning and finds their own answer within the text. Writing, therefore, is a solitary act that acknowledges the presence of other subjectivities in the objective universe.

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The Discourse of Writing

The discourse of writing is often hidden behind the words themselves. The punctuation marks – question marks, periods, exclamation marks – represent the emotions and thoughts that drive the writing process. There is a certain decorum and structure to writing that must be followed, even if it feels tedious and unnecessary.

Over time, these structures become automated for writers, allowing them to focus on deeper aspects of their work. Intent becomes the driving force, and emotions and abstract principles guide the writing process. Intuition plays a significant role in writing, developing over time through continuous practice and exposure to different styles and genres.

The Development of Writing Skills

Writing is not just about developing the skills required to craft a well-structured sentence or use proper grammar; it also involves the development of thinking as a writer. Writing taps into the core feature of human identity: language. It is a formalized speech act that continuously refines the mind and allows for genuine self-expression.

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As writers gain more experience, the basics of writing become automated, offshored to the non-conscious parts of the mind. This offshoring process frees up mental resources and allows writers to focus on vetting ideas, incorporating emotions, and truly expressing themselves on the page. It is through this offshoring that the writer’s subjectivity shines through.

Final Thoughts

Writing is a constant journey of self-discovery and personal growth. It is an art form that allows writers to delve into the depths of human consciousness and share their unique perspectives with the world. By offshoring the basics of writing, writers can tap into their intuition and create truly impactful and authentic pieces of work.


Q: How can writing enrich the lives of readers?

A: Writing has the power to inspire, provoke thought, and evoke emotions in readers. It can offer new perspectives, educate, and entertain, ultimately enriching the lives of those who engage with the written word.

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Q: How does offshoring the basics of writing benefit the writer?

A: Offshoring allows writers to free up mental resources, enabling them to focus on deeper aspects of their work such as creativity, intuition, and self-expression. It helps writers tap into their true subjectivity and produce more authentic and impactful writing.

Q: How can writers develop their intuition?

A: Developing intuition as a writer comes with practice and exposure to various styles and genres. By constantly reading and writing, writers can refine their instincts and gain a better understanding of what feels right intuitively in their work.

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