Issues Arising from Cancel Culture and Prominent YouTubers: A Critical Analysis

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# The Problems With Cancel Culture And Popular YouTubers


Cancel culture has become a widespread phenomenon that holds individuals accountable for their past actions and words. While acknowledging wrongdoing and taking personal responsibility are important, cancel culture takes it to the extreme by completely cutting off individuals and tarnishing their reputation. This article explores the negative impacts of cancel culture on popular YouTubers, including the social, mental, and physical toll it takes on them. We will also discuss how canceled YouTubers have responded to the cancel culture and the consequences they have faced.

## What is Cancel Culture?

Cancel culture refers to the aggressive act of boycotting individuals or organizations for their perceived misdeeds, aiming to hold them accountable for their actions. It typically involves public shaming and ostracizing the wrongdoer, with little chance for redemption or forgiveness.

## Why is Cancel Culture Bad?

While cancel culture aims to address serious issues, it can have severe negative consequences on the mental, emotional, and physical well-being of those who are canceled. When a popular YouTuber is canceled, they often lose support from companies, brands, and associates, leading to a decline in their career. This social isolation and loss of professional opportunities can result in stress, anxiety, and depression, as documented by research conducted by Dr. Becky Spelman from Private Therapy Clinic.

The hate and criticism directed towards canceled YouTubers can be overwhelming, leading to further emotional distress and potentially exacerbating mental health conditions. Each individual handles cancelation differently, either by publicly addressing the issues or taking a break from the internet to focus on personal growth and healing.

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## Canceled YouTubers and Their Responses

Several well-known YouTubers have been heavily impacted by cancel culture. Let’s take a look at a few examples:

### Shane Dawson

Shane Dawson, an original YouTuber known for his documentary-style videos, faced severe backlash when past videos containing inappropriate content resurfaced in 2020. Controversial jokes, including one about having sexual relations with his cat and racist remarks, caused outrage among viewers. Overwhelmed by the hate, Shane decided to take a break from the internet. However, he later returned and posted a video titled “Taking Accountability,” where he apologized for his past words and actions. Despite his efforts, acceptance of his apologies has been limited, but Shane continues to work on personal growth and rebuilding his career.

### Jeffree Star

Beauty guru Jeffree Star has been involved in numerous internet dramas over the years. While acknowledging his past mistakes, such as his offensive old brand named “Lipstick Nazi,” Jeffree has apologized and expressed his commitment to becoming a better person. In a video titled “Doing What’s Right,” Jeffree addressed the relevant issues and announced his decision to focus on personal growth rather than engaging in drama. He emphasized the importance of self-reflection and becoming the best version of oneself.

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### JennaMarbles

Jenna (Mourey) Marbles, an OG YouTuber who created light-hearted and fun content, decided to cancel herself after receiving hate comments about her past videos. She posted a final video where she addressed the offensive jokes and actions from her past, expressing remorse and embarrassment. Jenna emphasized that she never intended to hurt anyone’s feelings and acknowledged her need to learn and grow as a person. Since the video, Jenna has been absent from the internet, taking time for self-reflection and personal development.

### James Charles

Beauty influencer James Charles faced allegations of grooming underage individuals, which led to significant backlash. He addressed the situation through a video called “Holding Myself Accountable,” sharing that while some accusations were false, he admitted to inappropriate actions. James took a break from social media and later returned with an open conversation video, where he further explained his feelings and personal progress. He emphasized the importance of reflection and learning from past mistakes.

## The Result of Hate

Cancel culture often spreads negativity and discourages empathy towards the wrongdoer. In Mallory Whitson’s thesis from Ouachita Baptist University, she describes cancel culture as promoting hostile mob psychology. While personal accountability is crucial, it’s essential to remember that everyone makes mistakes, and growth is a natural process. Rather than perpetuating hate, it is important to foster understanding and encourage individuals to learn from past errors.

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Cancel culture has significant implications for popular YouTubers, impacting their social, mental, and physical well-being. While holding individuals accountable for their actions is crucial, cancel culture can go too far, leading to detrimental consequences. It is essential to promote empathy and understanding, allowing space for personal growth and learning. Cancel culture should aim to educate and foster positive change rather than perpetuating hate and isolation.


**Q:** Does cancel culture provide room for redemption?

**A:** Cancel culture often lacks a path to redemption. Once an individual is canceled, it becomes challenging for them to regain their reputation and re-establish relationships with brands and associates. However, some individuals make efforts to address their wrongdoings and work on personal growth, hoping for eventual forgiveness.

**Q:** What can canceled YouTubers do to rebuild their careers?

**A:** Canceled YouTubers can take various approaches to rebuild their careers. This may include publicly addressing the issues, making sincere apologies, and actively working on personal growth and improvement. It is crucial to regain trust through consistent actions and demonstrate genuine change.

**Final Thought**

Cancel culture has become a double-edged sword, aiming to hold individuals accountable but often resulting in severe consequences for the canceled. Empathy, understanding, and personal growth should be emphasized to create a healthier online community where mistakes are acknowledged and individuals are given an opportunity to learn and grow.

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