Is Midnight Mass: A Bloodcurdling Horror or a Snooze-fest?

Father Paul in Midnight Mass

Midnight Mass: Gore Or Bore?


Netflix’s spiritual sequel to the ‘Haunting’ series, ‘Midnight Mass’, has been released, but does it live up to the hype? This article examines whether the horror elements of the show are enough to satisfy viewers, or if it falls short in comparison to its predecessors. We delve into the themes and storytelling of ‘Midnight Mass’, and discuss whether it delivers on its promises.

The Show’s Departure from Traditional Horror

‘Midnight Mass’ sets itself apart from the previous ‘Haunting’ series in more than just its title. While viewers may expect typical horror elements, the show instead focuses on dialogue and themes of humanity. The horror elements take a backseat to explore the theological ideals of a close-knit community. This departure from traditional horror may surprise viewers who are expecting jump scares and gore.

The Premise and Major Spoilers

The show revolves around the arrival of a young priest, Father Paul, to a remote island community. He brings about a revival in church attendance and faith through a series of perceived miracles. However, it is revealed that Father Paul is actually a restored version of the town’s original Monsignor Pruitt, who has been revived by a vampire he encountered in Israel. The vampire is believed to be an angel by Father Paul, leading to disastrous consequences for the town.

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Exploring Themes of Addiction, Redemption, and Islamophobia

While the horror may be lacking, ‘Midnight Mass’ does delve into important themes such as addiction and redemption. The characters of Riley and Joe specifically embody these themes, adding depth to the show. Additionally, Sheriff Hassan’s monologue on Islamophobia provides a thought-provoking exploration of racial equality and prejudice.

Expectations vs Reality: A Theological Exploration

Despite being touted as a spiritual sequel to the ‘Haunting’ series, ‘Midnight Mass’ focuses more on presenting the writers’ opinions on the afterlife and the power of faith. As a result, the show may not deliver the horror experience that viewers anticipated. The theological debates and exploration of religious themes take center stage, leaving the horror elements feeling secondary.

The Hypocritical Priest and Flawed Characters

A criticism of ‘Midnight Mass’ lies in its depiction of a hypocritical priest. Father Paul, while making compelling arguments about faith, engages in nefarious actions that align with cliched media portrayals of Catholicism. The show also features characters who selectively quote scripture to justify their actions while ignoring contradictory passages. One standout character is Bev Keane, a religious fanatic who exemplifies this flaw.

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The Lack of Suspense and Slow Pacing

While the writing of ‘Midnight Mass’ is undoubtedly strong, it lacks suspense and fails to keep viewers on the edge of their seats. The occasional injection of horror is overshadowed by long periods of slow-burn storytelling. It is not until the penultimate episodes that the show truly delivers on the horror aspect, which may leave some viewers feeling impatient and disappointed.

A Compelling Exploration of Faith and Extremism

Despite its shortcomings as a horror series, ‘Midnight Mass’ succeeds in exploring the depths of faith and its influence on people’s actions. The convictions of Father Paul, Bev Keane’s blind faith, and the clash between zealotry and the Muslim character offer intriguing character studies. However, these explorations may be better suited for a drama platform rather than a horror series.


‘Midnight Mass’ may not meet the expectations of horror enthusiasts, but it offers a thought-provoking exploration of faith and its consequences. The show’s departure from traditional horror elements may disappoint some viewers, but those who appreciate theological debates and character-driven narratives may find it compelling.


Q: Is ‘Midnight Mass’ a horror series?

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A: While it is marketed as a spiritual sequel to the ‘Haunting’ series, ‘Midnight Mass’ focuses more on exploring religious themes and character motivations than delivering traditional horror elements. Viewers expecting intense scares and gore may not find it satisfying.

Q: Are there any standout performances in ‘Midnight Mass’?

A: The cast of ‘Midnight Mass’ delivers strong performances, with Hamish Linklater as Father Paul and Samantha Sloyan as Bev Keane being particularly notable.

Q: Should I watch ‘Midnight Mass’ if I enjoyed the ‘Haunting’ series?

A: It depends on what you enjoyed about the ‘Haunting’ series. If you appreciated the horror elements and scares, ‘Midnight Mass’ may not meet your expectations. However, if you are interested in thought-provoking theological debates and character-driven narratives, it may still be worth watching.

Final Thought

‘Midnight Mass’ may not be the horror series that fans of the ‘Haunting’ series were expecting, but it offers a unique exploration of faith and its impacts on individuals and communities. It challenges viewers to consider deeper questions about religion, addiction, and redemption. While it may disappoint those seeking traditional horror, ‘Midnight Mass’ succeeds in providing a thought-provoking and compelling narrative.

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