Exploring the Slippery Slope of Game Cheating Among Children: From Deception to Hacking Techniques

child hacking games and cheating to avoid FOMO

How Are Children Cheating In Their Games? The Slippery Slope To Hacking

In today’s world, where online gaming is the norm, children are increasingly exposed to the dangers of hacking. As parents, it is our responsibility to understand the risks and help children navigate the slippery slope of hacking and cheating. In this article, we will outline the reasons why hacking is such a big problem for children and provide tips on how parents can combat this issue.

What is Videogame Hacking?

Videogame Hacking is the process of editing a game to gain an advantage. It is similar to “performance-enhancing drugs” in the online world. You can edit game files, trick game processes, or otherwise tamper with a game system to cheat. This can range from editing health values to hacking scripts that play the game itself. Games are built on scripts, a series of commands that play out as the game runs and determine what happens in the game and the logic of the game. By adding or tampering with scripts, you can effectively change how the game works.

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Why does Videogame Hacking affect my child?

If you have a pre-teen or early teen child, they are likely to have been exposed to Fortnite, Among Us, and other popular online games. These games have online connectivity, which means that players are exposed to hundreds of random people each session, increasing the likelihood of vulnerability to hacking. Winning is a priority, but so is showing off character models and gestures through play and potentially through shady online stores. The desire to fit in and be part of the 1% who got the rarest skin is fuel for the fire. Criminals know children’s vulnerabilities and manipulate them in the same way brands capitalize on their target audiences’ weaknesses.

Can A Child Access Hacks?

Yes. Anyone with access to search engines like Google can access these shady sites too easily. Even if a child gets curious and types the word “hack”, they will be led to sites selling cheats and hacks. The responsibility of search engines to monitor content fails to account for these sorts of black markets.

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Are Hacking Sites Safe?

No, downloads from these sites come with no guarantee of safety or even supplying a service. Worse still is that even if the transaction goes off and the cheat is received without a hitch, there’s then the perpetual risk your child is caught using the cheat and punished.

How To Find Out If Your Child Is Hacking?

The usual methods for tracking your child’s activity can often pick things like game hacking up. Having search history public and limiting their search functions at a younger age is straightforward. But with the school playground, friends’ older brothers, phones with less restricted systems, it all adds up fast against your ability to control. Beyond these, specific actions can be taken to monitor their access to hacking:

  • Trying to blacklist the specific sites that provide the cheats
  • Monitoring your child’s activity in games
  • Monitoring the acquisition of the hacks. These things aren’t free, and if they are you’ll have not only a hacking problem but almost certainly a few viruses to contend with too.
  • Ask your child about their view of cheating and if they have ever cheated or seen anyone cheat in games or elsewhere
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