Comparing “The Suicide Squad” to “Suicide Squad”: 3 Key Reasons Why the Former Reigns Supremacy

The Characters Were Underdeveloped, But

## **3 Reasons Why “The Suicide Squad” Is Better Than “Suicide Squad”**

### Summary:

In this article, we will discuss three reasons why “The Suicide Squad” (2021) is better than its predecessor, “Suicide Squad” (2016). We will analyze the differences in editing, storytelling, and character development between the two films. “The Suicide Squad” has been praised for its improved editing approach, clearer storytelling, and more developed characters. Let’s dive into these reasons and explore why this new version of the Suicide Squad franchise is a significant improvement.

### **Reason 1: The Editing Of The Exposition Was Long, But “The Suicide Squad” Cuts To The Chase**

The editing of “Suicide Squad” (2016) was widely criticized for its poor execution, plot holes, and continuity errors. The film wasted a significant amount of time on lengthy exposition, including individual backstories for each team member. It took about thirty minutes to finally see the villains in action and witness the suicide squad assemble.

In contrast, “The Suicide Squad” (2021) quickly assembles the team and jumps straight into action. The characters’ abilities are explained through dialogue, avoiding the need for flashbacks. This streamlined approach keeps the pace fast and exciting, with a gory and action-packed opening scene. The film distinguishes between two separate teams, utilizing backstories sparingly and effectively. The use of visual cues like intertitle cards and environmental elements adds depth and pays homage to the squad’s comic book origins.

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### **Reason 2: The Insistent Tones Make The Story A Mess, But “The Suicide Squad” Is Clear With Its Goals**

“Suicide Squad” (2016) suffered from inconsistent tones and an unclear focus. It attempted to combine sentimentality, eeriness, glamour, and cringe humor without proper cohesion. The insertion of popular songs, similarly to “The Guardians of the Galaxy,” felt forced and unrelated to the characters’ personalities or the overall narrative.

“The Suicide Squad” (2021), on the other hand, intentionally embraces chaos, humor, and unexpected twists, reminiscent of director James Gunn’s style in “The Guardians of the Galaxy.” The film successfully executes its comedic and action sequences, utilizing a well-selected soundtrack that enhances the action on screen. The comedic elements flow naturally within the story, contributing to a more coherent and enjoyable viewing experience.

### **Reason 3: The Characters Were Underdeveloped, But “The Suicide Squad” Reveals Who They Are**

One of the major criticisms of “Suicide Squad” (2016) was the underdevelopment of certain characters, leaving them as mere side characters. With such a large ensemble cast, it was challenging to give each character sufficient focus and depth.

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“The Suicide Squad” (2021) also features a significant number of characters but addresses this issue by quickly reducing the team size through casualties. This approach aligns with the film’s theme of disposable villains, allowing for more focus on the remaining characters. Instead of extensive flashbacks, the film emphasizes character interactions and clashes, highlighting their unique personalities and dynamics.

For example, Bloodsport’s tragic backstory and unexpected soft side are revealed through his interactions with Ratcatcher Two. The rivalry between him and Peacemaker leads to a gory yet humorous scene showcasing their killing styles. The conflicts between various characters, such as Peacemaker and Rick Flag, deepen the storytelling and create engaging dynamics within the team.

By focusing on character dynamics and interactions, “The Suicide Squad” (2021) successfully gives each character a chance to shine and develop.

### **Conclusion**

“The Suicide Squad” (2021) surpasses its predecessor, “Suicide Squad” (2016), in various aspects. The improved editing approach, coherent storytelling, and more developed characters make it a more enjoyable and successful film. James Gunn’s distinct style and vision breathe new life into the franchise, delivering a unique and entertaining experience for fans. With its fast-paced action, clear storytelling, and engaging characters, “The Suicide Squad” proves to be a worthy addition to the Suicide Squad series.

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### **FAQs**

**Q: Is “The Suicide Squad” a reboot or a sequel?**

A: “The Suicide Squad” is neither a reboot nor a sequel. According to director James Gunn, it is a stand-alone film that exists within the multiverse alongside its predecessor, “Suicide Squad” (2016).

**Q: How does “The Suicide Squad” differ from “Suicide Squad” in terms of editing?**

A: While “Suicide Squad” (2016) had lengthy exposition and plot holes, “The Suicide Squad” (2021) cuts to the chase and quickly assembles the team. It avoids unnecessary flashbacks and utilizes visual cues to enhance storytelling.

**Q: How does “The Suicide Squad” handle character development compared to “Suicide Squad”?**

A: “The Suicide Squad” (2021) focuses on character interactions and conflicts, allowing for more developed and engaging characters. It reduces the team size to prioritize character depth and dynamics.

### **Final Thought**

“The Suicide Squad” (2021) successfully improves upon the flaws of “Suicide Squad” (2016) and delivers a fresh and entertaining experience for viewers. With its improved editing approach, coherent storytelling, and well-developed characters, this new iteration of the Suicide Squad franchise has set a new standard for future films. Fans can now enjoy the action-packed, humorous, and engaging world of “The Suicide Squad.”

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