A Promising Future for TV: Vince Gilligan’s Latest Sony Deal Points Towards Another Remarkable Decade

Vince Gilligan's New Sony Deal May Herald Another Great Decade Of TV

Vince Gilligan’s New Sony Deal May Herald Another Great Decade Of TV

The Legacy of Vince Gilligan

There aren’t quite as many consistently effective creators in the television industry as Virginia native Vince Gilligan. Acting as a regular writer and producer on Fox’s science-fiction hit The X-Files, Vince has remained a staple yet mysterious figure in the television game for close to four decades.

Breaking Bad: A Game Changer

Gilligan’s critically acclaimed series Breaking Bad starring Bryan Cranston (Malcolm in The Middle, Saving Private Ryan) and Aaron Paul (The Path, Bojack Horseman) began its five-season run in 2008 and ended in late 2013 as one of the greatest bits of syndicated television to hit the airwaves.

AMC’s Emmy Award-winning drama depicts a cancer-stricken High School chemistry teacher partnering with a former student to manufacture a product that will financially secure his family… crystal meth.

Initially, a sleeper hit, Breaking Bad has become a global cultural milestone that rivals past TV crime dramas The Sopranos and The Wire. Yet perhaps the defining asset to the Breaking Bad phenomenon hasn’t had much traction beyond the terrain of New Mexico.

The Empire Expands: Better Call Saul

Nearly ten years after the downfall of Heisenberg / Walter White, the notorious crime lord’s creator Vince Gilligan is ever vigilant and hard at work on the Breaking Bad universe of characters and locations.

February 2015 saw the highly anticipated premiere of the Breaking Bad prequel series Better Call Saul, which positions the former showrunner Vince in an executive producer (as well as co-showrunner) capacity.

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Centering on Breaking Bad‘s fan-favorite criminal lawyer Jimmy McGill a.k.a. Saul Goodman (played by Saturday Night Live alumn Bob Odenkirk), the eccentric legal drama takes viewers through Goodman’s early hijinks and adventures in a slightly less unscrupulous Albuquerque New Mexico before Heisenberg’s dominance.

The New Sony Deal

While production for the final season of Better Call Saul is well underway, Gilligan has secured a lucrative deal for himself to oversee a host of television properties into the next four years. This deal is an extension of Gilligan’s pre-existing contract with partner Sony TV, who serves as the parent company of both Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul.

With Sony TV as the overseers, it’s inevitable that any and all of Vince’s future television plans will align strictly with that of Sony TV. Both Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul have achieved great success under the Sony Pictures Television banner, which has instilled enough faith in continuing the working relationship between both parties for the foreseeable future.

A Glimpse Into the Future

Included in the new contract extension is the remainder of Saul Goodman’s journey into iniquity and an unrevealed property that may or may not find itself an adjunct of the Breaking Bad world.

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Prior to his Breaking Bad fame, Gilligan’s experience working as a regular writer and producer on The X-Files allowed him opportunities to dabble in writing Hollywood feature films such as Wilder Naplam (1993), Home Fries (1998), and Hancock (2008).

Gilligan’s underrated screenplay Wilder Naplam stars a pair of pyrokinetic brothers in conflict over a shared love. Home Fries brings a pregnant woman into a forbidden romance with a tinge of family dysfunction. Last but not least, Hancock is the misadventures of an alcoholic superhero teaming up with a public relations agent in order to improve as a hero and human being.

Embracing Dark Humor

Even today, Gilligan hasn’t strayed away from the dark humor and eccentric characters which have informed his writing sensibilities on Breaking Bad. Like The Sopranos, Breaking Bad is a series beloved not only for its shocking twists and development but its often deadpan humor.

If there’s anything future television needs more of, it’s well-placed dark humor interspersed within the personal dramas of the characters. 

A Fresh Start

While Breaking Bad may be the series that defines Vince Gilligan’s career for generations, it would be difficult to continue to find a newfound arc to dig out of the Heisenberg & Friends well (unless perhaps a Gus Fring prequel series is finally greenlit).

Gilligan and his partners at Sony TV would be wise to try out some new toys rather than pursue the Breaking Bad well for content once again. There are countless untested properties and concepts that have yet to be tapped in a televised medium.

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Q: What is Vince Gilligan’s new deal with Sony TV?

A: Vince Gilligan has secured a lucrative deal with Sony TV to oversee a host of television properties for the next four years.

Q: Will there be more content related to Breaking Bad?

A: While the new deal includes the remainder of Saul Goodman’s journey and an unrevealed property possibly connected to the Breaking Bad world, it is unclear if there will be more content directly related to the original series.

Q: What other projects has Vince Gilligan worked on?

A: Prior to Breaking Bad, Gilligan worked on The X-Files and wrote feature films such as Wilder Naplam, Home Fries, and Hancock.

Final Thought

In conclusion, Vince Gilligan’s new Sony deal opens up exciting possibilities for future television projects. While his past work on Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul has been highly acclaimed, it is important for Gilligan and Sony TV to explore new concepts and push the boundaries of storytelling in the television industry. With Gilligan’s talent and Sony TV’s support, the next decade of TV looks promising.

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