5 Reasons Why the Tories Should Be Voted Out: A Look at Their Failures

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**5 Failures Why The Tories Need To Be Voted Out**

Summary: In the past eleven years, the Conservative Party has governed the UK, but their rule has neglected the working class. This article highlights five reasons why the Tories should be removed from power: poor management of Brexit, inconsistent pledges about climate change, mishandled promises for funding the NHS, an inevitable recession on the horizon, and numerous Tory scandals.

## **1. Poor management and execution of Brexit**

In 2016, Prime Minister David Cameron called for a referendum on leaving the European Union. Despite the majority voting to leave, Cameron resigned, leaving the task to Theresa May, who failed to come up with viable Brexit deal proposals. This led to four years of back and forth with the EU, resulting in the UK having to pay large sums of money to leave. Boris Johnson, after becoming Prime Minister in 2019, promised to “get Brexit done” but faced unexpected challenges due to the Covid-19 pandemic. While some decisions could be critiqued in hindsight, the government worked hard to protect public health.

## **2. Inconsistent pledges about climate change**

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The pandemic showed us the positive impact of reduced carbon emissions, yet the government has not taken sufficient action to address climate change. The issue of homelessness temporarily disappeared when the homeless were housed in hotels during the pandemic, but they have been pushed back to the streets as hotels seek revenue. While Boris Johnson has discussed climate change at the G7 Summit, concrete actions are lacking. Talks and empty promises won’t solve the problem; meaningful change needs to happen now.

## **3. Mishandled promises for funding the NHS**

The NHS faced tremendous strain during the pandemic, and the government’s response was a meager 1% pay rise for its employees. Public outcry led to an increase to 3%, but the lack of appreciation is evident. The government wants people to return to work and forget about Covid, even though they raised taxes to repay furlough payments. Last year, the NHS was hailed as heroes, but now they are rarely mentioned, as the government prioritizes economic recovery over public health.

## **4. An inevitable recession on the horizon**

Brexit was meant to bring independence to the UK, but due to hesitant proposals and the EU’s punishment, the economy is suffering. Many businesses have remained closed or abandoned premises due to remote work, causing job losses and the decline of the retail sector. HGV drivers are in high demand, leading to delays in imports. The government’s promises of more jobs and UK sustainability are falling flat, and it’s becoming clear that many of their manifesto promises were empty.

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## **5. Numerous Tory scandals**

There have been several instances of Tory mishandling of taxpayers’ money, including the Prime Minister’s pricey apartment renovations. Dominic Cummings, a key figure in the party, violated curfew laws and provided an unsatisfactory explanation. These scandals raise questions about the integrity of the government and their ability to prioritize the needs of the country.

In conclusion, the Conservative Party has failed in their governance of the UK. From mishandling Brexit to neglecting the urgent need for climate action and mishandling the NHS, their failures are apparent. The impending recession and numerous scandals further highlight the need for change. It is time for the Tories to be voted out of power and for a new direction to be taken.


1. **Why is Brexit considered a failure?**
The handling of Brexit was marred by poor management and indecision, resulting in lengthy negotiations and financial implications for the UK. The process highlighted the lack of preparedness and foresight.

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2. **What actions has the government taken to address climate change?**
While the government talks about climate change, there is a lack of substantial action to combat the crisis. Pledges and promises without concrete plans do not address the urgent need for change.

3. **Why is the NHS funding a concern?**
The government’s response to the NHS during the pandemic, including a minimal pay rise and lack of appreciation, raises concerns about their commitment to public health and the healthcare system.

4. **What impact has Brexit had on the economy?**
Brexit has caused economic uncertainty, leading to job losses, business closures, and delays in imports. The government’s promises of economic prosperity have yet to materialize.

5. **How have Tory scandals affected public trust?**
Reports of mishandling taxpayers’ money and questionable behavior by key Tory figures raise doubts about the integrity and trustworthiness of the government.

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